The site for the new British Embassy is on the Smolenskaya Embankment of the Moscow River. At this point the river has a generous curve, giving the site wide views to the west. The scheme comprises Chancery and other offices, reception rooms, residential accommodation for staff, and facilities for their recreation.

Facing the river are four pavilions linked at roof and podium level. One of these, the Office building, projects eastwards, bisecting the site and creating a garden on one side and forecourt to Protochny Street on the other. The separation of the buildings maximises views and natural light.

The office building is centred in the opening formed by the adjacent existing buildings. Its significance within the composition is emphasized by arranging the staff apartments in the three lower buildings on either side.

The four buildings are linked together at their base by a curved wall constructed in materials sympathetic in colour to the adjacent buildings. Compositional unity is achieved at the top by the arrangement of the roofs and terraces.

Photographs by Peter Cook